Learning how to be flexible

It is said that the better you understand something—causes and effects, opportunities and limits—the easier it is for you to change things to suit your specific needs. Living with diabetes is no different. The more you know about how blood sugar affects the body and how diet, exercise and other factors specifically affect you, the easier it will be to adapt to changes in your day. This can be especially helpful if your job requires you to work long hours or travel often, you have young children at home or if your schedule is always changing.

You have to start from a position of strength. The tighter your control and the more organized you are, the more latitude you will have.


Checking your blood sugar frequently, especially if you are stressed or on a changing schedule, is a reliable way to ensure you are staying within the limits of your self-management care plan. It is better to know if you need to take a walk around the block or eat a snack before you experience a high or low blood sugar result.


Keeping accurate blood sugar test results and watching for patterns can help you predict how travel, exercise, the lack of sleep and eating meals away from home will affect you. Knowing your meal plan will make it easier to eat well at virtually every restaurant or airport in the world.


Developing a partnership with your healthcare team will also help to assure that you are a diabetes expert. You can put that expertise to work for you every day, making sure that you feel good whether your schedule is hectic or more quiet and relaxed.