Growing up can be challenging. When diabetes is added to the equation, a great deal more effort and understanding is required on the part of parents and kids alike.


This day and age is, however, a better time to be growing up with diabetes. Technology and treatments have advanced considerably in recent years. Testing blood sugar is easier, monitoring results is simpler, and information resources are plentiful.


What is more, acceptance comes more easily. Kids are more accustomed to friends’ differences, whether they are the result of ethnicity, health needs or personal choice.


Of course, kids still want to fit in. While children of different ages face different issues, it is safe to say that some issues will come up as you teach your child or teenager the discipline and responsibility necessary for managing diabetes.
Your goal as a parent is to make diabetes self-management as natural as possible. Teach your son or daughter that, like the girl who wears glasses or the boy whose family is vegetarian, each person has a unique plan to follow. Then sit down and write your own plan together.


Instilling good habits early on will be well worth it in the long run. And learning everything you can as a team will help prepare you to face any challenges as your child adjusts to life with diabetes.